1. powerlines & fireworks, overlays

  2. Ourson - Light From A Closing Door

    this is a collection of various ambient tracks from 2003 - 2013, released today. please enjoy & share. love, Ourson / Luke Hazard




  4. earstroke:

    new album from Magic Arrows up for free download ! share if you dig it

    oh look, new MA, i did the cover art, check it

  5. Along The Deer Paths, DSLR Photography, taken earlier today

  6. "West Wanderers" - 35mm shots of Texas/New Mexico/California, photography by Luke Hazard

  7. Paralyzed VHS Eyes, mixed media/video still manipulation series by Luke Hazard

  8. Upside Down Rivers & Industrialized Landscapes / 35mm photography by Luke Hazard

  9. DSLR shot from 2012, WV

  10. more old 35mm’s